Hi, I’m Dr Amiee!

I’m a born yogi, hailing from a family of female medics who all have a deep connection to spirituality. My ethos is to instil ultimate skin confidence to empower my patients to be confident as their truest self. I offer clinic treatments and an international online skin clinic with bespoke plans to suit all budgets.

My aim is to make skin confidence accessible to all so that you too can then rise in your own purpose as I have. I see the significant impact of life and stress on the skin and how this affects women in particular. My practice brings a unique combination of science and self-care which is the cornerstone of my work.

In love with skin from the start of medical school, I had a passion for dermatology and built the experience I needed to embark on that career pathway. I was appointed on the British Association of Dermatologists DermSchool Subcommittee and worked on national scale dermatology training events for medical students for 3 years. It was here that I found my flair for teaching, which inspired peer teaching events through university and beyond. I graduated from King’s College London with a medical degree in 2013 and Intercalated BSc. in Nutrition with Medical Sciences in 2010. I then continued my post-graduate medical training in the Midlands and West London.

With over 20,000 procedures experience, my tailored, proven ingredient focused approach, elevates the patient experience to new heights. In an industry governed by trends and ideals of beauty, I stand apart, authentically celebrating my patients diversity and using my skill and artistry to deliver natural enhancements and a newfound confidence in self beyond visible beauty.

Aesthetic medicine is ever evolving so I continue to learn, lead, share knowledge and empower my industry colleagues in the training courses I teach as well as in my Ultimate Aesthetics Mentorship programme to form a community of educated and supported practitioners.


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